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Your perfect skincare solution for clearer, whiter, and brighter skin

Consist of 5 products: Cleaner, Essence, Day Cream, Night Cream, Sunscreen (35SPF++)

Made In Japan

KYA Snowy Gloss White Series Set

SKU: 364215376135191
265,00S$ Giá thông thường
235,00S$Giá bán rẻ
  • Cleanser: Can be used to remove make up or for regular cleansing.

    Essence: Apply after cleaning and applying toner. Gently pat on the skin surface for better absorption. Reduce and smooth uneven surface.

    Day Cream: Reduce blemishes, moisturize, whitens, and repair skin all at the same time. Last up to 15 hours. Apply evenly on face.

    Night Cream: Apply every night before sleep and massage until fully absorbed.  Helps your skin retain moisture. Wake up to brighter and glossier skin. 

    Sunscreen (35 SPF+++): Apply 15 to 30 mins before going outdoor. Completely cover face and reapply after perspiration

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